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Please rate my team WHIR

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Solid. Having only 6 teams in your league, which is half of my league, I can see how you got very solid players in all positions. We have few same players, please help rate mine? Thanks!

Guards: R. Westbrook, Jrue Holiday, R. Rubio, J. Teague, 

Forwards: P. George, Ro-Co, J-Rich, D. Wright

Centers: AD, J. Valanciunas, KP (IL), Brook Lopez, D. Jordan

*Yahoo 12 team H2H season long, 15 cat. 13-man roster w/ 2 starting Centers

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Sorta hard to gauge a 6-team, but I don't have any problems with it. Looks dominant (obviously for a 6-team) and no weaknesses. Getting Jokic/Dame at the very top of the 2nd round and Beal at the end of the 3rd is sort of hilarious.

As much as I love OG, I'd consider dropping him or Horford if you have other players on the wire (which I'm sure has stuff we deeper league peasants would consider gold).

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