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Malik Beasley 2020-2021 Outlook

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Ah, so you guys can stop discussing a player, because someone who didnt draft him felt the need to come in here and tell you guys he's not interested.

How do you compare Covid to suspension due to a felony charge? lol

-where does this leave Beasley when he returns next week? starting SG  

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1 minute ago, fantasick said:

Did he start to relax after hearing he’ll play out the season? But why the hell is he laying the bricks like its for his detention cell?!

hes streaky as one can be

last game started off like 2/11 and finished 10/21...hey, atleast this is his second three in the third quarter

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14 minutes ago, fantasick said:

One more 3...

and a couple of more free throws to salvage the line...this guy should drive more to the basket now that kat is back...but gotta give it to him, kawhi on his a** the whole night, it was expected

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1 hour ago, stay_woke said:

Very very cool story bro, please tell us more about your draft


what else would u like to know? 


or are u being sarcastic because my post on a message forum wasn’t packed with enough data for a nerds liking?? 

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