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Kevin Love 2020-2021 Outlook

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When KLove is injured, he's like that poop on the grass that everyone passes and ignores but deep down, you know it can be dam good fertilizer. 

Love is gonna be back on feb 14. I have a good feeling. 

Talking out of his a**

This guy came back and played 6 minutes over two games before getting yet another injury. Phantom or otherwise my patience with this cupcake is wearing thin.

I get the concern people have of some organizations running their players into the ground. But on the other extreme are players like this guy who gets paid 30 million to ride the bench. For all the credit he got about openly talking about his mental health issues, he gets equal criticism for robbing the Cavs. 

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Is he just utterly washed or is his body really this fragile now? He burned me last year so no way was I touching him again, but I would have thought after all the time off he would have come in and tried to play great ball before the deadline to facilitate a trade to a contender. I doubt he wants to stay in da land so to me this indicates he’s genuinely incapable of still hooping at an NBA level.

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22 hours ago, DonutGiveUp said:

Entire Cavs team is garbage 

Which is why he'd be feasting as the focal point of the team IF he were healthy enough to play. Hopefully all he needed was a happy ending from the trainer.

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