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***Looking for 3-owners*** ESPN H2H $50 League Safe Team Drafting League

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2020-2021 Team Fantasy Rules

ESPN Format Basketball League


Dues $50 each ($500 pot)

Payment/dues use League Safe website

1st $300

2nd $150

3rd $50

Basic Settings

Number of Teams – 10

Scoring Type – Head to Head Each Category

Roster Size – 23

Total Starters – 14

Total on Bench 9 (3 IR)



Point Guard (PG) – 1

Shooting Guard (SG) – 1

Small Forward (SF) – 1

Power Forward (PF) – 1

Center (C) – 2

Guard (G) – 3

Forward (F) – 3

Util (UTIL) – 2


SCORING (11 Categories)

Field Goals Made (FGM)

Field Goal Percentage (FG%)

Free Throw Percentage (FT%)

Three Pointers Made (3PM)

Offensive Rebounds (OREB)

Rebounds (REB)

Assists (AST)

Assists to Turnovers Ratio (A/TO)

Steals (STL)

Blocks (BLK)

Points (PTS)



Draft Order - https://www.draftordergenerator.com/


Once all payment/slots filled, the League Manager will select date for Snake Draft of picking teams.


Draft will be done on the League ESPN Fantasy Thread Draft


After picking your pick, for example you pick Sacramento Kings you then email the next person informing them of being OTC (On the Clock).  This goes on for 3 rounds until all teams are selected.




1A - After draft each team will re-name their team by their Selections

For example – Kings/Pistons/Suns

Therefore your opponent will know exactly who your players should be on your roster.


1B – No trades will be allowed- You play your players from your team.


1C -  If a player is traded/released or waived from your NBA team then you have to drop him from your roster.   The next team he goes to, that owner can now pick-up the player.


1D – If owner plays a player not on their 3-teams roster, then they will forfeit all category points for the day.

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