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Chris Boucher 2020-2021 Outlook

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As a Raps fan, I find the discussion in this thread to be hilarious. Why would any Raps fan be hating on the prototypical Raptor success story? You should be rooting for the skinny guy who has

*boucher hits clutch threes*   raptors fans: BuT hE SuCkS iN rEaL liFe

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Portland might have the biggest center tandem in league and Boucher forced them to play small ball five. HE FORCED EM! On his Birthday!

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man boucher is the most efficient player on the team...they should be utilizing him in the offense as much as possible. another fantastic game, and another loss because they either didn't play boucher enough or not effectively,

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5 minutes ago, pdids911 said:

siakam thinks he wayyyy better than he actually is


To be fair both of his missed game winners rimmed out - but yea boucher needs more catapulting. Hopefully Nurse keeps this up 

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23 hours ago, bunnyzclan said:



Why don't you go to basketballmonster right now and go see his cat production values. He's literally negative in everything besides blocks and he's 0.10 for turnovers - unless you legitimately think he's going to be a perennial 57% shooter. 

Jesus christ this part of the forum is so much more toxic than fantasy baseball



toxic meme, for a toxic hater.

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7 minutes ago, juni said:

Traded my Boucher & Thomas Bryant for Jaren Jackson Jr. In a dynasty league. Hope I wont regret it.

Cool story bro. 😎

Can we also know what you had for breakfast? 

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49 minutes ago, droselicious said:

Was hoping to see that "It's happening" gif or meme... :(

It already happened a loooooong time ago.

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He is great. I passed on him in my league draft because I had already drafted Ayton Mitchell and Wood and hinted my friend in the same league to pick him up with his last pick because he had no block specialist and it was spot on. His per minute stats are elite.

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