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Chris Boucher 2020-2021 Outlook

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As a Raps fan, I find the discussion in this thread to be hilarious. Why would any Raps fan be hating on the prototypical Raptor success story? You should be rooting for the skinny guy who has

*boucher hits clutch threes*   raptors fans: BuT hE SuCkS iN rEaL liFe

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18 minutes ago, shayan23 said:

Raps fan here.. Len wasn't playing anyway so doesn't impact Boucher at all

Yup, this. Len might as well not even have existed. Boucher will get his normal allotment of minutes and continue to produce

The question is, if Masai has plans on bringing in another big man. 

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Raptor fan here.  Really happy to see Boucher balling.  Also happy he is now getting minutes,  Don't mind him coming off the bench with Baynes starting.  Maybe Nurse is finally getting over Boucher banged his wife.


Also Boucher got picked up right after his 6 block game early in the season.  No way he is getting dropped now.  Just happy to see this boy ball.

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Boucher is going to be a monster.

He feels like an alternate version of Christian Wood, with the difference being that he gives you way more blocks.

Elite FG%, Solid FT%, 2.0 3PM, 17.0 PPG, 9.0 REB, 2-3 BPG, ELITE LOW T/O.

Guy has a chance to legitimately be a Top-25 player the rest of the season. 

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I think it's a case of lower base for both Jerami and Boucher, with Wood not far behind. Each one can bolster their case based on their team's performance. Jerami's narrative though is the easiest to spin by the media.

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Ok, so is anyone else concerned about the Drummond to Raptors trade talk rumors? What does that mean for our boy? Is he going to go back to a 20 min role?

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Well, whoever the center coming in is it should affect Boucher for sure. Playing 30-32 minutes off the bench is something that does not happen a lot, its a unique situation. I think he started the season as a 14 minutes a game guy with bad match-ups => not much court time, good match-ups -> 20+ to 26 minutes a game. He has earned more minutes with his play, but players like Drummond demand +30 minutes a game. That would mean he is getting the back-up minutes to that + some 4 maybe. 18-22 minutes a game and more if Dre is playing bad or in foul trouble.

McGee would be better from Cleveland for Boucher, he is capped with his court time. And player capable of hitting the three ball would be even better for Raptors. Dre or McGee aint that. Let us hope they go other way. Drummond would definitely be bad. With right kind of a player Boucher would keep himself at 26. +30 off the bench is a bit more than you could even hope for.

I do not like the fit Dre gives, but Raptors are little bit desperate at the moment. They might bite. Lets hope they win more games to ease the pressure for big time signing and go for something more moderate.

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5 minutes ago, sickrookie said:

Bouch got benched and Toronto is losing. Adding Drummond will absolutely hurt Bouch’s value.. maybe it’s time to sell high? 

Where did you see they are adding Drummond ?

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3 minutes ago, thrilla1nManila said:

Drummond coming. bad game today. ride is over. dropping for Royce Oneal!

Royce ? Lol that is some funny **** right there 🤣 😂 

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