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Chris Boucher 2020-2021 Outlook

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As a Raps fan, I find the discussion in this thread to be hilarious. Why would any Raps fan be hating on the prototypical Raptor success story? You should be rooting for the skinny guy who has

*boucher hits clutch threes*   raptors fans: BuT hE SuCkS iN rEaL liFe

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1 hour ago, halbounih said:

Murphy] Nick Nurse says he expects to see more Alex Len tomorrow, maybe at the expense of Chris Boucher (or shifting him to PF), given Philly's size.


I wouldn't risk spending too much on him. be a lot of matchup moves due to Len and Baynes being there. 


did boucher f this guys mom or something? 

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Boucher can't play big.  He's a SF in a college centers body.  One of the reasons why Nurse uses him so inconsistently is because the dude is a toothpick.  Just ride out the games where he only gets 15mins and look forward to the games against teams that go small, which seems to be half the league nowadays.

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I can’t.  I decided to play him over whiteside because of the last game and whitesides lack of minutes.  Guess Boucher will be lucky to play at all’s. Way to reward a guy who scored 22 with 7 blocks to bench him.  SMH.

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5 minutes ago, Dominator83 said:

I passed on Kyle Anderson in favor of this guy. That was stupid 

Funny thing is I dropped Boucher yesterday because someone mentioned that he may not get much PT in certain games. Glad I did but yikes. 

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