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Looking for 12 team h2h points league. $20-$50 buy in

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Yes, as we are only one week away from our keeper deadline and 10 days from our draft (12/20) we are offering the chance to join a great league.  We believe after being an owner for a season at such a reduced price, you will gladly become a long-term member.

This discount will be for this season only, and the new owner will pay his own trade/pickup fees. You will be 100% eligible to share in all the available payouts, the same as all 15 other full paying owners.

Annual Payouts are as follows:

$100 x 16 = $1,600, minus $100 CBS Sportsline Fee = a total pot of $1,500 + transaction fees.

Champion: $500, plus 50% of all transaction fees
2nd Place: $250, plus 25% of all transaction fees
3rd Place: $150, plus 15% of all transaction fees
4th Place: $100, plus 10% of all transaction fees
Division Winners: $100 each
Division 2nd Place: $50 each

Weekly: $10 to the winner of each of the 20 weeks in Regular Season (Most Points each week).

Final payouts (including any weekly winnings) will be paid out immediately at the conclusion of our season.

Original advertisement:

Well established 16 team Basketball Fantasy Keeper League (H2H Pts) has 1 team available when we begin our 10th season in 2020-2021.  Very stable/long term league. $100.00 annual fee. Trades flat $5, Waiver pickups $2, Pickups to replace player put on IL FREE if eligible at same position.

The league is a CBS Commissioner League.  We include 3 keepers per year, based on prior years’ draft round. (Details available in League Constitution, upon request)

All pay-ins / pay-outs are done through PayPal.  

The open team has excellent keeper options and will pick 7th in every round of the upcoming draft (12/20):
Trae Young (1st)
Jarrett Allen (8th)
Robert Covington (6th)

This is a 16-team draft, so Allen and Covington are great values.

Email me at jimchait@gmail.com if interested.  I can add you as owner of the available team to look around within the league at history, detailed rules, etc to help you make your decision.

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