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Dallas Goedert or Evan Engram? WHIR

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Can't decide between Dallas Goedert or Evan Engram for week 14.  In a half PPR.

Goedert vs Saints - Hurts is now the QB, Ertz is also back and the Saints are tough on TE.  But best receiver on team.

Engram vs Cardinals - Very volatile, McCoy might be under center again.  Cards are tough on TE also.


Please leave a link.  WHIR.  Thanks in advance!

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I'm in a similar boat w Ebron and Goedert. I'm going with Ebron even tho I really wish could play Goedert, and i'd go Engram for you too. Jones should play and Giants are playing good football, and the matchup with Zona isn't a big concern since their D hasnt been good lately at all.  Engram has been seeing decent volume too. It's really hard to trust anyone on Philly this week w Hurts starting and one of the worst matchups you could get vs NO.  Goedert has the better upside based on pure talent and I wish Wentz was in there, but there's really no way of knowing how much Hurts will look for Goedert vs the WRs or just choosing to run it himself.  Plus I have a tough time seeing the Eagles getting into scoring position that much at all.

If Jones doesn't end up playing then i'd probably just bite the bullet and go with Goedert in that case.

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I would probably roll the dice on Engram. Even if it is McCoy, he's the number 1 recieving threat and if they have to play from behind, they have to throw. 

I dont like the facts laid out in Goederts situation. Rookie QB, Ertz is back and versus Saints. All of that allows me to make the choice to go with Engram despite their situation as well. Help with mine if you can. Thanks.



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Engram and it’s not even close. 

I’ve had to suffer through multiple Eagles games this year and they are absolutely abominable. Ertz is back, you don’t know if Hurtz will target Goedert like Wentz did, it’s the Saints D. No way would I start Goedert. I own Goedert and I’m starting J Reed over him. 

Engram should get plenty of targets for and the AZ D is nothing scary.



help with mine?




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