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Yahoo points league drafting 12/21 at 930 EST pm

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Trades will be commish veto. If I get 5 written statements on message board why a trade should be vetoed then it will be vetoed. I'm sure some of you guys have played in my leagues over the years and know that they always run smoothly this way. If a team stops setting his team I reserve the right to set that team for the person to keep everything fair for everyone. We will have a Covid plan in place, which i will post in separate thread. Payouts will
1st $1200

2nd $600

3rd $200

And $200 to regular season first and second in points each.
If the fantasy regular season is less than 50% complete, everyone will be refunded. I am not sure how long the fantasy regular season will be. I think the NBA is scheduled to play 72 games. But 50% complete means, more than 50% of the regular season weeks need to be recognized in the standings. If the season is say 16 weeks, if 7 or fewer weeks are reflected in the standings, then this is less than 50% complete. If the league is shutdown in the middle of week 8, the season is not 50% complete. Only if the season is shutdown in the middle of week 9 or after in a 16 week regular season would the season be at least 50% complete

Payouts would be
1st and 2nd 600 each
3rd through 6th 300 each.
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