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PJ Washington 2020-2021 Outlook

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1 hour ago, Austin_Rivers said:

SGA/Kemba for Lavine/PJ 

But then i traded Lavine/Holmes for Luka/Clarke days later. 

Stuck with PJ though haha

well u came up either way so congrats 



pj is borderline droppable imo 

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What a difference two days makes. Took a flier near draft's end (possibly because of this conversation, so thanks for that). The stretch-5 rumors are legit and yesterday he put up a baby draymond line

so that's a yes 😂

Pretty sure when Forrest Gump was blabbering on about that box of chocolates, it was actually a metaphor for our man PJ

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35 minutes ago, DezedandConfused said:

Rip possibly more Hornets players?

Caleb Martin, Cody Martin also out due to Healthy and Safety Protocols.

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8 hours ago, thornton1986 said:

He’s on my wire. What kind of value do you guys see him having ROS? 

Probably gonna be on and off with points and %s (I'd say around 47-48% FG and 68% FT when it's averaged out), but fairly reliable for boards, assists, and a 1-1-1 for stocks/treys.  I'd hope he gets more than just 25 mpg and takes more of that C run over Zeller, since the Hornets are lightning quick while playing small ball. If you have enough points, he's a good glue guy at the end of your roster.

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