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Fantrax H2H Points Keeper League, looking for a few owners

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Was a 30 team dynasty league last year, but Fantrax changed their policy and now leagues over 24 require premium. 
Had a bunch of team quit because they were only interested in a 30 team league and some others because of covid...

Right now we’re sitting at 11 teams and trying to get up to 16. 
The 11 guys sticking around are super active and the commissioner sends out a very fun weekly review breaking down what happened across the league each week!

We have adjusted to 5 max keepers (1 minimum) this year and back to a dynasty league going forward. 
The draft will be a lot of fun with 14 teams being cut from the league, tons of top talent available. 

Here are the teams worth adopting and the players worth keeping, the number in parenthesis is the projected draft order but it could change a little based on which teams are chosen. Feel free to check out the league details here... https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/7ld39nn4kg1jv3wz/home

South American Memes: PG13 and Lowry (4)
50 Shades of Klay: Lillard and Valancunis (15) 
BabeeFace: Siakam, Capela and Coby White (10) 
DUBH: Middleton, Hayward, Draymond and Randle (8) 
Gladiators: DLo and Tobias Harris (6) 
Milwaukee: Gobert, McCollum and Hield (7) 
The BEARD Show: Harden and Markkanen (13) 
All the Smoke: Trae Young, Ayton, Wall, DMurray and Clarke (5) 

Shoot me a message with your fantrax account email and the team you want if your interested in joining!

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