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Pick 1 RB - M.Davis or CE.Helaire? WHIR. Struggling with this one

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Hi guys,

I keep getting mixed feelings and responses on this. M.Davis is starting but really hasn't performed well since weeks ago. But CMC is out and he's the main RB. CEH hasn't been exactly great either but is on an elite offense and is due for a "bounce back game?" I was planning on starting Mike Davis, but having second thoughts on rolling CEH instead. Any 2nd opinions on this? Thanks. 


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I have CEH but he will be on my bench. He's due for a game but can't trust him or the coach at the moment after last week. Somewhat concerned coach said he lost some weight from being sick. Davis not reliable but going against DEN so could be a running game if his team gets a good lead. I guess I give the slight edge to Davis. 


Thanks for help with mine. 

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I see a bounce back game happening for CEH, however Mahomes really caps his potential with how much he likes to chuck the ball. This is tough, a coin flip for me. If I were to trust my gut, I'd go with Davis 🤷‍♂️ They both have boom or bust capabilities. 


Broncos - 103.5 avg rushing yards, 0.75 rushing TDs allowed per game

Dolphins - 97.5 avg rushing yards, 0.68 rushing TDs allowed per game


Its close.

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