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12 team dynasty filling fast! $20 buy in, new league, slow draft

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Active owners only. buy in will be done through league safe, you will buy in a year in advance to avoid people trading away all future for current season then leaving the league.

Must own the pick from the round of the player you are keeping - If you select Harden with your first pick you can then trade your first round pick for the next season while keeping Harden, but if you come to the end of the year with no first round pick you will no be able to keep harden as you no longer have a first round pick with which to keep him.

Both options make for a lot of trading. and many ways to win

I would like to do some other things such as taxi spots, but will wait to have some more managers so we can come to consensus on formatting.

I am currently open to any platform as long as we can do cats: pts, rebs, ast, Stl, Blk, 3PM, TO, FT%, Shooting%

We will probably have some minor rule changes as we go the first couple seasons where needed.


I know this is a complicated format, but it makes a lot of sense once you are acclimated and its a lot of fun! Feel free to message for any questions or clarifications. Need to fill fast to have time for our start up draft before the season, might need to start a week late? we will see

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