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15 team Dynasty Roto 6x6 $50 Leaguesafe. Fun different setup Need 5 owners!!

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Need 5 orphan owners for my dynasty!
Google Link below for the 5 teams
15 teams
Daily lineup ROTO league
$50 per season through leaguesafe (First year must pay $100 for first 2 seasons $50 will be rolling each season so youll always pay for the next season)
Play on fantrax
League fees to Leaguesafe.
Commissioner: James Kelly. Contact - Jrkelly618@gmail.com
The league will have 15 owners, each managing their own team. Co-owners will be allowed. After the MLB team draft each owner will have to change their name to a combination of the 2 teams selected. For instance, I have yankees and padres I would be called the New York Padres or the San Diego Yankees. With logo of team nickname.
Each owner is asked to please promptly respond to any Whatsapp message from league members or the Commissioner concerning league matters such as trades, voting, etc. Owners are free to trade at their own risk but any sign of collusion will be dealt with harshly and will lead to expulsion from the league.
Order will be randomized by fantasypros and all owners will receive an email with their pick. There will be a MLB team draft which will be a snake 2 round draft. Every owner will select a total of 2 MLB teams. From those MLB teams each owner will select 3 major league players and 3 minor league (career < 130 ABs/ 50IP)from each team selected. 6 major leaguers total/ 6 minor leaguers.
The initial league draft will be an extended Snake draft whenever we are full, but will be held on Fantrax. First 19 rounds will be Majors only players. Players that are above 130 abs total or 50 Innings pitched. Everyone available will not have a green “m” next to their name.
Second draft will consist of 29 rounds of only minor leaguers. Players that are below 130 ABs/ 50 Innings pitched in their careers. It will be a reverse order of the first draft. So team 15 in the 1st round will pick first for the remainder of prospects.
Rosters will be comprised of 25 major leaguers and 35 minor leaguers for a total of 60 players.
The 25 major league players include 25 starting players spots no Bench; 14 hitters and 11 pitchers. Hitters include 2 catchers, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop, five outfielders, MI, CI, and an utility man. Pitching staffs can be any combination of 11 starters and relievers.
During the season, each team will also have a max of 5 IL spots. However, when determining keepers at the close of a season, the total # of players able to be kept is still 60 (You can possibly end a season with 65 total players if each IL spot is being used)
Each hitter, as long as they are under 130 ABs, can be slotted into either a Major League or Minor League position. The same goes for each pitcher under 50 IPs.
4. Contracts: These won’t be complicated
If you draft a player you will have a forever contract with them.
If you pickup a player through the year with faab you will be able to keep them only for the remainder of the year. They will enter the draft pool.
Teams will have a FAAB budget of $1,000 to add players during the season. FAAB will run twice a week. Any player is eligible to be added as long as they are listed in Fantrax database with the exception of players drafted in the June Amateur Draft and any international players who signed after the start of the season. $0 bids are allowed.
Trades can be made at any time. FAAB money can not be traded. Draft Picks can only be traded for the following season. The trade deadline will be August 15th of each year. No trades will be allowed between that date and the end of the fantasy season. Trades will then be allowed once the season is over and can continue even after keepers are chosen and during the draft. For offseason trades both owners will have to pay for the next season before trades go through
All trades will be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner. The Commissioner will approve all trades UNLESS there is evidence of collusion between the parties or if one party evidences the desire to quit. If collusion occurs, both parties involved will be asked to leave the league. In order for a trade to get processed both teams must post the trade terms to the league message board. Other owners are welcome to give their thoughts, but unless there will be no rigid veto process – this is a dynasty league and owners are free to do what they want with their team..
You must finish each season with at least 12 players from the teams you selected. They can all be prospects, but you must carry 12 players combined between the two teams. Each year there will be a 5 round draft held sometime late Jan / early February. Your prospect roster will expand to 40 total to make room for new players. You will have all the way until opening to cut your minors back to 35. An owner can replace his first round pick with one player from either team owned either internationally signed or recently drafted. For Instance if I owned the Yankees and Padres I could keep Jasson Dominguez or CJ Abrams instead of my first round pick, but I can only select 1 guy total.
If you go into the draft with 11 players combined from two teams you will lose the 5th round pick, 10 players = loss of 4th+5th, 9 players= loss of 3rd,4th,5th, 8 players= loss of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th round picks, 7 or less players combined will lose all incoming picks.
It will be a 6x6 ROTO league
Hitting Categories
1 R
2 HR
6 SB
Pitching Categories
  1. K
  2. W+QS
  3. K/9
  4. WHIP
  5. SAVES + (HOLDS/2)
  6. ERA
Minimum 1000 IP otherwise ERA and WHIP Will get a 0 for the year
Total Pot - $750
First Place - $300
Second Place - $150
Each Category Winner $25 ($25 x 12= $300)
Tiebreakers will split
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