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Replacing Hurst....1/2ppr...WHIR

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so this is certainly a sad TE pool most of us dealing with.

This year has been a horror show for me....I had Gesicki and Cook to start the season.....I started Gesicki all the wrong weeks than ended up trading him before his recent explosion.

I got Hurst assuming my TE woes will be solved....dropped Cook cuz Hill wouldn't throw to him....

Here is what's left for week 15:

Jordan Reed at Dal...... with Deebo out now.....jordon gets more targets?

C.Kmet @ Minny.........this one is interesting to me as he has received 7 + targets in last few games

J.Akins @ Ind......i think tough matchup but with banged up WR core, can he breakthrough?

Irv Smith vs. Chi.....This one interesting IF rudolph is out....

Shaheen vs. NE.....only if Gesicki out


How do u rank them for week 15 and Include Hurst (vs. TB)?

thanks and WHIR

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TEs are super fickle this year so I feel ya.

The ones you mention are all pretty TD dependent. I would go with Reed or Kmet.

Kmet has more upside. He's a rookie and he may have turned the corner, but If those 7 targets per game magically disappear in the next weeks I also wouldn't be surprised.

I also see Reed getting a little more attention now that Samuel is out, 3/8 of the games he's played this year he's had some decent output (for a TE)

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