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Shake Milton 2020-2021 Outlook

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I hope there's a team out there with Shake Milton, Christian Wood, and James Harden so they form the ultimate team name "Shake my Harden Wood" it's like having Exodia, the dragon balls, and the nine t

I don’t see why not. Besides the backup PG role he can also play next to Simmons taking minutes from Curry/Green. Expect similar usage/minutes with Lou Williams

Does Doc have another daughter Shake can marry?

47 minutes ago, Gdupm6 said:

Must own in 10 team ? 

Yessir, doc loves him and when he’s on the court the whole team gets better.  Dudes is legit steal, and if he’s in WW don’t walk, RUN!!!!!


he should average a little over 1 steal this year between 1-1.5, with 2-3 try’s a game, and super high fg% for a sharpshooting PG/SG.  And he’s not a bad passer either.  

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2 hours ago, 80version said:

Bold take.  You were literally just weighing Milton vs an expendable Clarkson.  
I liked what Shake could do with Simmons out last year, but the 76ers are currently healthy so his outlook isn’t really clear yet.  He went undrafted in most of my 12-teamers, so this isn’t just one random guy’s opinion. 

I’m super high on Clarkson too , Jazz have no one for scoring outside Mitchell really who can create their own shot.  Think Clarkson can get 30ish mins as well this year , old co rlly won’t hold him back but after tonight I’m higher on shake .

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22 minutes ago, DLG10 said:

Give Shake more of Curry's minutes.

Nah I’m cool 😎 with him coming off the bench lighting up the 2nd unit as the main ball handler and then closing the games out with embid, Tobias, and Simmons.  


if he could be a consistent ft% and hit in the mid to high 80’s he’d be a stud.  I’ll take the 75-80 % tho but maybe he will improve as he gets more comfortable.  He **** high 80’s his last year at college

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Shake got the minutes down the stretch as the 5th member of the finishing squad.  Danny Green was a cheerleader.  Rivers clearly likes him.

I also thought Shake looked stronger than last year. 

I thought Maxey played VERY well last night and I could see him getting more and more minutes as the season goes on.  Not sure if that would affect Shake or not.

It'll be fun to see how things "shake" out as the year progresses.

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I'm all in on the Shake Experience. I just need him to come off the bench. The theory is that Doc wants to have that "Lou Will" type of a player who can come off the bench, carry the offense and also finish the games off = close to 30 minutes a night. I did not go too deep on the vault on his highlights but one thing against him might be the fact that he is not quite prolific inside the arc scorer that Lou Will is.

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I was just reading thru the comments and this kid went from having his own theme song to the whomp, whomp, whomp tune in a few days. 
He was dropped in one of my leagues so I needed to know the scoop. 
No confidence this kid can’t regain that sweet tune?

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