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Lonzo ball or Kelly oubre WHIR!!!

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Depends on your team build.  

Lonzo's %s are brutal, but if you're punting FT%, his FG% is manageable alongside other FT-punt players, and since you're in an 8-cat, his TOs won't affect you.  He should probably have many more touches with Jrue gone, and will probably need to shoot more next to Bled. Also helps that the Pellies are closer to rebuilding than competitive.

I'd argue that Oubre's more of a question mark now. Wiggins and Curry both take a lot of shots, so we'll need to see if they'll be a better or worse fit next to him than Booker/Ayton. We'll also need to see if he can shoot like he did last year (a nearly career best 35%), and also remember that a big part of his fantasy game is his lack of TOs, which conversely won't help you in 8-cat.


In a vacuum, Oubre > Lonzo, but I'd actually Lonzo > Oubre in an 8-cat.

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11 hours ago, ElizaMasters said:

I know the FT % for Lonzo looks brutal, but he takes so few attempts per game that it's not a problem. I like Lonzo here.


This. It's never the percentages. It's the volume that hurts you. Lonzo barely gets to the line. 

Depends on your needs. If you're punting assists then Oubre.

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