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Kendrick Nunn 2020-2021 Outlook

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G-League level talent? He finished runner up for rookie of the year last year. There's a reason why he started for them all year long. Watching the last two games he's easily outplayed Dragic who look

So hard to drop this guy when he does so well every time he gets run

Interesting that you would say Nunn sucks and is a G league level talent averaging 15 over a full season last year and 13 so far this year while also fawning all over MCW who hasn’t averaged more than

7 hours ago, MikeXScott said:

Best ww pickup of the last few weeks, early round value. The one constant in the Heat's injury carousel.  Strong hold ROS

I'm torn between holding him and Herro and I kinda feel I need to keep him. He's been playing great

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I took the opportunity and traded him for Derrick white who has a lot of games in the 2nd half of the season (along with Memphis the most post ASB) and Top50 Potenzial overall. Was a nice ride and a Sell high imo, I don’t think he will produce like that with Herro and Dragic around.

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There are many paths for Nunn to have ROS value. Duncan's role being reduced , Dragic, Butler and Herro being in and out of the lineup as they have been.

The Heat playing there best ball of the season with  Nunn blowing up.

Peak Derick White isn't as good as Nunn now

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9 hours ago, MikeXScott said:

Duncan's role being reduced

No chance of this happening. He's the Heat's third most important player behind Butler and Bam.


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1 hour ago, mtx said:

Unsurprisingly quiet in here. Did everyone drop Nunn? Very pedestrian the last few games.

looks like mid 20'smin is all he will get with healthy herro/goran ect and his volume isnt great during these last 5 games.

will give him this b2b atleast see what happens.

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