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Are you tired of lopsided trades in your leagues? Too many people going YOLO ruining the stability of your dynasty leagues? Perhaps you need to raise the stakes a little bit; just enough to deter the boneheaded trade behavior. Well you’re in luck! Keep reading to see the details on our comprehensive league designed to maintain parity and provide Managers the ability to compete every year regardless of your poor luck last year! The Oompa Loopas may carry you off to commemorate your failures, but never fear, there are more Golden Tickets every year here.


Introducing Willy Wonka & the Fantasy Football Factory! Conferences are Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompas; divisions are named after the book’s characters; and you can choose your favorite CANDY to be your team name! The league comprises 32 fantasy teams to mimic the NFL, however, with 2 copies of every player, so talent is relative to a 16-team league. 22 weekly starters; balanced between 11 offense and 11 individual defensive players.


Specifics: Superflex, tiered-PPR/TE-premium (1.0/1.0/1.5), PP1D, 2TE-premium, NO KICKERS, IDP-123 scoring with minor buffs, True Position IDP (EDGE), and compensatory draft picks all balanced for parity.


Superflex - 1QB leagues are outdated and don’t value the QB position, oftentimes 1QB leagues leave streamers just sitting on the waiver wire. This is the modern NFL where the big plays are valued! And you won’t see many high scoring games without the support of a great QB! Don’t get greedy with your QBs though, or you might end up like Augustus Gloop and drown in the chocolate river.


Tiered-PPR/TE-premium - bottom line, PPR is the new standard! But tiered-PPR/TE-premium has gone one step further in providing balance to fantasy! RBs and WRs still receive a full PPR, but in contrast 1.5 PPR for TEs!! We use point per first down (PP1D) to all positions except the QB, this provides credit to those players making real, meaningful football plays, regardless if it’s a 2 yard run/catch.


In addition to the extra love we’ve already given the TE position, we’ve granted a bonus to their yardage (0.2 points per yard). We’ve made the position far more relevant to fantasy by requiring a minimum of 2 TE starters! An outstanding phenomenon occurs in 2TE, the mid ranked guy’s value skyrockets! You’ll discover a whole new aspect to fantasy with deep TE incentive; be careful not to get too competitive at this single position though, you might turn into a blueberry like Violet Beauregarde!


NO KICKERS - It’s about time.


IDP-123 scoring is one of the most recent efforts out there to standardize scoring in the dynasty community and provide better, stable rankings for cross-league comparison! It also provides, you guessed it, wonderful balance between defensive positions while eliminating the over complicated tier systems of some leagues; we’ve only added minor tackle buffs to DT, DE, and CB to level the playing field. Defense wins championships; don’t forget to draft one, or you might be “shrinking” your team like Mike Teavee!


True Position IDP - another cutting “edge” move by the dynasty community here! One of the problems with traditional IDP scoring is that you can’t compare 4-3 LBs fairly against 3-4 LBs. Additionally, but to a lesser extent, outside defensive linemen in a 3-4 system better resemble DTs in a 4-3. With True Position IDP, we’ve changed the DE position to “Defensive EDGE” and it incompasses both traditional 4-3 DEs and outside 3-4 LBs that spend their time rushing the QB rather than defending the middle of the field. Similarly, we’ve shifted outside DLs in a 3-4 to the DT position.  You'll no longer only see only a handful of relevant players at these positions.


Compensatory picks - most leagues might trickle in a few picks in order to provide incentives to Managers, but we grant 27 compensatory picks per season! No more worrying about Andrew Luck retiring 10 years early and leaving you high and dry! Our compensatory system is designed to help unfortunate Managers bounce back quick and remain competitive! Combine this with our huge prize pool, and this type of system is better for retaining Managers for the long term, providing more league parity and stabilized participation. Although we are generous, don’t be spoiled; if suspected of violating the Code of Ethics, you could be sent down the garbage chute like Veruca Salt!


Dues and prizes - $250 dues per season (LeagueSafe with majority approval), with payouts to all 14 playoff contenders, and a 5-year super pot where the prize pool will reach $16,000 and the championship is worth up to $6,000! Now there’s a reason to stay engaged and keep building your squad!


League site: 









True position IDP changes 2020:


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Hello Willis,

Several of the banners are examples at this time. Folks are choosing their own team names of course, so I’m creating them as we go. I initially created about a dozen to give the site a better feel.

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Edit: I like the slow draft but am concerned about missing the picks in my sleep with a 4 hour timer. Is there a way to set the timer to regular business hours (or at least not at night?)

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Yes it’s a slow draft. We’re going to vote on particulars, but the plan is 6 hours the first 20 rounds than drop down to 4 hours or something similar. Clock will stop for 6 hours overnight, so you should always have 10 hours overnight when combined.

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I never received a notification from the forum!! 😱

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