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"The Real 82" (Fantrax) 22 teams, 11 owners, $50 each... 82-gm season, w/real NBA-style playoffs

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Finally, a basketball version of "The Real 162", a long-running fantasy baseball league which mimics real-life baseball as closely as possible.

The Real 82 will be a 22-team league, with 11 owners running two teams apiece - one in each conference. It features an 82-game schedule with playoffs exactly like the NBA (four best-of-7 rounds with the top 8 in each conference advancing to the playoffs).

First, there will be two separate franchise drafts (one for each conference) where owners will select their franchises. On top of using your teams' names and logos, you will each get to keep 2 players from the real-life franchise to start your team with. Whoever gets the first pick in the East, gets last pick in the West and vice-versa. Then, the remaining players will be entered into the draft, with the draft order being the opposite of the franchise drafts. The player draft will be snake-style, but beginning with the 2nd round (so whichever team got selected last in the franchise draft, will have the first pick in rounds 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10)

The league will use a unique scoring system designed to produce final scores that look and feel like real basketball (teams should average somewhere around 100 ppg). Scoring periods are two days apiece and during the regular season you play against two different opponents at a time. There will be 12 man rosters, with 8 starters active for each period (plus 5 covid-friendly injured reserve spots):

Active Spots:

2 PG's
3 SG/SF's
3 PF/C's

Scoring is as follows:
1 fpt for every 2 points scored
1 fpt for every 2 assists
1 fpt for every 2 rebounds
1 fpt for every block
1 fpt for every steal
1 fpt for every player's team win

The entry fee will be $50 per owner (so $25 per team). The premium league fee for Fantrax has already been taken care of. But remember, you must commit to running two teams or none at all. The $550 prize pool will be divided as follows:

$225 to the champ
$125 to the runner-up
$50 to the loser of the Eastern Conference Finals
$50 to the loser of the Western Conference Finals
$25 to the regular season #1 seed in the East
$25 to the regular season #1 seed in the West
$50 to the owner with the most combined wins (East + West, regular season + playoffs)

While the prize pool is well-balanced, remember that owners can win more than one prize. Therefore it is possible, albeit unlikely, that a single owner could win the maximum payout of $450 ($225 for winning the Finals, $125 for losing in the Finals, $25 for #1 seed in East, $25 for #1 seed in West, and $50 for most combined wins).

Let me know as soon as possible if you're interested, time is pretty tight with opening night just around the corner.

My email is chachocosme22@gmail.com.


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Live standard online draft, 1 minute per pick... I normally use Fantrax treasurer, but if enough owners prefer leaguesafe, we'll go that route...


Draft is currently scheduled for late Monday evening.

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