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Punt FG build - 12 team 9cat h2h

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Ended up with a punt FG build, however looks like I might punt rebounds as well here. Opinions welcomed, and I am willing to help as well.

Harden / D. Murray / Rozier / E. Payton

Lowry / Seth Curry / Shake Milton

PG / H. Barnes

Siakam / Draymond / Roco

M. Turner / Brolo


12 team, h2h, 9 cat, punt fg and possibly rebounds as well. 

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Cool.  Usually when anyone says they're punting more than one cat, I take that as either an excuse for sucking on their draft, or they're lost ... or new to the game.  Remember, the punt is a strategy or an intended plan, not something you just look at and say, "well, I guess I'm punting because I'm weak here", and especially not with multiple cats. You rarely want to punt multiple cats because with that -2 disadvantage in 9-cat, you'd need to be absolutely dominant in at LEAST 2 cats, and owners often believe their team is so far superior to others' that they can just lean into the punt rather than doing the work to fix a weakness. 

Sorry for being so short. Just grinds my gears when forum goers do this. 


Anyway, to focus on your team ... I think you're about average in boards, but you're better than you think there.  Lowry, Murray, Rozier and Payton are plus rebounders for being PGs, getting you at least 4.5 rpg each, and Harden can get a good amount too, esp without Westbrook. Obviously, Turner and BroLo being your Cs means you absolutely should find boards somewhere. I'd be looking to bolster blocks while you're at it, or even a few more points.  Consider wire adds like Boucher or Noel if available for blocks, or any raw scorer for points.  Harry B sticks out to me as your ideal drop, or Milton possibly; would take someone like T Ross over them if available.  And yes, your FG% looks ... like it's a good punt.  lol, as long as it's a single cat. I usually try to aim for Zingis in a punt FG% build since poor shooting bigs are harder to come by, but he's got the added risk of injury even more than ever.  If you're up for some risk (and as much as I love Murray), I think making a Murray/Zingis swap is an option in your particular situation; I would never recommend it otherwise. 

As for your draft, looks like you did really well in terms of value. You're overloaded on assists and treys of course, but if you were trying to punt FG% during the draft, you did as well as you could've hoped.  Just missing Lonzo and Smart, I guess. 

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