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Jimmy Butler 2020-2021 Outlook

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Sure, I’m in a 12-team roto league and targeted the manager who had been holding onto Jimmy (knowing how frustrated he’d be). Coincidentally he was dead last in 3PTM and had guys like DeRozan as well. This was before the news that Jimmy was coming back — I don’t believe I’d be able to pull off the trade now.

Offered Lowry in a 1:1 swap. He agreed.

Lowry is a top ~30 asset to me with a lower ceiling than Jimmy. Jimmy’s average per-game value has been #12.6 in the last five years. It was a no brainer.

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Slimmy Buckets. LEZGO!

I know.  These are "ailments" players in the 80s-90s played with and played through the whole season.    Soft a** generation

All you baby fat having ladies should head out to open tryouts and show them who's boss.

22 minutes ago, ShopHeirlooms said:

Just traded for Jimmy, can’t wait to see what craziness you guys are going to say lol.

I really hope he surprises us and can somehow start making 3's take his value to another level

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Just now, sasuke7201 said:

For...? Just wondering since jimmy buckets finished the last 4 seasons in top 15.

Custom points league, 3 keepers - jimmy was my last keeper this season and I’m thinking his value gets less and less as he ages.

JB, Lavine, JJJ for Lamelo Ball and Delon Wright

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No love after a 30/10/10/2stl game. That’s how you know this dude is good.

15th per game on Yahoo and 17th on BBM at the moment. Averaging ridiculous numbers the past two weeks.

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