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Toppin for DInwiddie offer

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Depends on your current team. And do you want assists or rebounds / fg%? Bit worried bout Dinwiddie's playing time behind KD, but off the bench he still should do ok. Toppin is a rookie who may get opportunity to prove himself. Hope that helps. 

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5 minutes ago, nlm said:

I'm always more nervous with rookies, and I like Dinwiddle's bench role...can we see more of your team?

9 Cat, Daily rosters 12 teams

PG Lowry 

SG Derozen (SG,SF)

G Fournier (Sg,Sf)

SF Tatum (SF,PF)

PF K.Middleton SF,PF)

F Aldridge (PF,C)

C Anthony Davis PF,C)

C Marc Gasol 

Util D. Schroder

Util Killian Hayes (PG,SG)


Willie Barton (SG,SF), Dinwiddie (PG,SG), Harrison Barnes (SF,PF), Carmelo Anthony (SF,PF), Marcus Morris (PF,C)

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I liked Dinwiddie last year, but with KD and Kyrie BOTH playing, it might be difficult for Dinwiddie to get the touches he'll need, esp since Levert will probably get bumped to the bench with him and Allen. Looks great for IRL, but not fantasy.

Toppin will likely be brought on behind Noel/Mitch/Randle, but I could see him making some splashes later on in the season.  If you're patient, I think he'll give you some much needed boards (you've got LMA and Marc Gasol as your only backup bigs, and neither of them are spectacular rebounders, especially at this stage in their careers).

I think it's an acceptable risk and fills out a need.  I'd do it.

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