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All right, with a little more clarity on the injury front, I'm left with the decision that I posited 2 days ago:


Standard scoring.  Need to start one of the following in my FLEX.  With Cooks officially healthy, I need to drop two from this list as well (unless Conner is ruled out by Saturday night, in which case I can stash him in my IR slot)

  James Conner (trending towards a game-time decision against CIN.  Playing IND in week 16)

  Jeff Wilson Jr. (Mostert is playing, so now he's in a time-share against the porous DAL defense.  Playing ARI in week 16)

  JD McKissic  (Gibson and Smith are both out, Haskins at QB vs. SEA.  Not as much upside as if Smith had played, but still in line to lead that backfield.  Revenge game narrative?  Playing CAR in week 16)

  Latavius Murray  (Brees is back, Kamara will feast, Murray will probably resume 10-ish touch role with no pass-catching upside.  Playing MIN in week 16)

  Brandin Cooks  (off the injury report, but IND is a tough matchup.  Playing PIT in week 16)


At the moment, I'm inclined to rank them this way for week 15:

  McKissic > Cooks > Conner > Wilson > Murray


And for week 16:

  Cooks > Conner > Wilson > Murray > McKissic


So I'm either starting McKissic this week and dropping Wilson and Murray, or I'm starting Cooks and dropping Murray and McKissic.  Unless any of you have a better idea....



Thanks in advance.  WHIR (leave a link)



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