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Superflex playoff decisions... please help! WHIR!

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10 team league.  0.5 ppr, 6 point passing touchdowns.  start 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, 1 regular flex,1 superflex 

My qb situation is shaky due to injuries.  And I have some tough calls at RB and flex.

For qb, options are Ryan vs bucs, Minshew vs ravens, or Trubisky vs Vikings.  Need at least 1 for qb. Could use a second in superflex 

Rb, I need to pick drake, montgomery vs Vikings, or Mike Davis vs packers for my rb2 spot. (Have henry as rb1).

For flex, I have allen Robinson, or whatever leftover RB from above.

Superflex, whatever qb left over, or Robinson, or a rb.


Right now I'm leaning trubisky and Ryan at qb and superflex, Mike Davis at rb, and allen Robinson at flex.


Any other suggestions or a better combo?

Thanks!  Whir!


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id keep it as how you have it now.  id start ryan and trubisky for the qb floor.  id play robinson in the flex.  i like montgomery more than davis this week but for your team id play davis since you wouldnt want to heavily rely on the bears offense.  



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I’d play Drake at RB, Robinson at flex and Trubisky and Ryan at QB/Super flex


drake slight edge over Davis as I think drake is pretty much assured a rushing TD against Philly because they’ve given one up every week except 2



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Trubisky vs MIN is a solid streamer this week and has looked good for ~fantasy~ since he came back. Should be a solid start. 

Start Montgomery at RB2... how do you sit that guy right now. 

I don't love saying this but go Minshew at QB/Super Flex. Can't trust Ryan without Julio, without Julio he has scored 12.4, 7.94, 14.9, and 10.26 (4 pt passing TD) this year when julio isn't active. 

After that, go Mike Davis at flex over Allen Robinson. Davis is a strong play against the packers where he should see good volume and will be in a good gamescript for getting passing volume. Plus GB has not been good against the run this year, I am starting him with confidence.



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For what its worth as a Vikings fan you should stick to who you have slated in. Trib should do well enough as a superflex, Robinson is the obvious flex after that with a good option to get a TD from Trib, and I like Davis for upside against the Packers as he can catch a lot of ball if they are behind or run well if they are close. I probably would have Drake as a floor option if you are projected to blow out the other team.  Montgomery as a distant 3rd option

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