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Darius Garland 2020-2021 Outlook

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9 hours ago, ComeOnAndSlam said:


How did he get injured?  I can't find anything online at the moment about any potential injury.


He took a weird fall in the 4th quarter and was holding his arm/shoulder for a bit afterwards. Trainer was looking at him during the ensuing timeout and then he stayed out there. Don't think it's serious.

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Garland better start learning from MCW so he can pass your eye test.

You mean the one bad game he's had this entire season?

1 minute ago, Bernard said:

I can claim Garland now if I want. I have the #3 position in the waiver list. Im not sure anymore if I should use it for Garland. Any advice would be appreciated :).

Whats the hesitation for? Grab him if you can. For a waiver wire player he's gold.

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7 hours ago, pyrlose said:

What's the consensus on Garland? Will he shake off the injury/downward trend and be top 75 players?

I think him and sexton are the future backcourt for Cleveland. I traded for him with this expectation and top 75 seems realistic. 

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Garlands big games seemed a bit of an outlier to me. He should get better for sure compared to last year, but Im not seeing him making this kind of a leap. Last few games before injuries felt more par with his current talent level. Lots of turnovers, 5 ast per game, not more than 1.0 steals per game and around 13-15 points per game.

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38 minutes ago, brooklynfinest42 said:

any updates on this guy at all? ..  these nba players are so soft man. 

Last Wednesday, they said he'd be out for a week. So hopefully he'll be back by this Friday

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Finally , jesus christ.

Bullshiete Cavs day-to-day my nuts. What they initially said when the injury occurred.

Been over 2 weeks ..

Kid was BALLING too before going down. It hurt me more than him lol

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