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Tim Patrick or Gabriel Davis this week? Or both? Playoffs!

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My OPPONENT this week has Josh Allen as his QB.

I have both Tim Patrick and Gabriel Davis to choose from in rounding out my WR corps.

Do I play Gabriel Davis instead of Tim Patrick, being that my opponent has the QB throwing passes to him and John Brown NOT playing this week? I have them both about the same in rankings.

FYI - I also have Antonio Brown and was planning to start him. We play 3 WR. My other is Calvin Ridley.

Anybody see a better strategy? Start Antonio Brown or don’t start him? Start both Patrick and Davis?


Thank you!!!

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I doubt if trying to play defense against your opponent's QB is going to make much difference, especially since Davis is unlikely to be higher than Allen's third option (behind Diggs and Beasley).  Just play the one you think has the better chance of a good day.  (And that's a toss-up for me too - I lean towards Patrick since he seems to have emerged as the prime option in Denver, but I also think that Davis has a better matchup than Patrick).

One quick note - if you are a severe underdog in your matchup, I would definitely play Patrick rather than Davis.  By tying one of your players to your opponent's QB, you reduce your ability to catch up (since if Davis has a big day then by definition Allen will also have a big day).  If you start Patrick in that scenario, you at least have the chance that Patrick could have a big day while Allen does not.  It's a long shot, but it might be worth that risk.  In a neutral or positive game script for you, just play the one you think will be better.



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