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12/19/20 Bills @ Broncos Gameday Thread

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Well jinxed this pretty nicely f--- you Andre Roberts

I feel like this is the worst officiated game I've watched all year. 

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Just now, JDE said:

Best part is they’re still only down by two scores so still some more points to come for the Bills offense.

but man can my guy Tyler Bass get one freaking chip shot so I don’t feel like a complete idiot for starting him.

for f--- sake that’s like the third time I’ve jinxed something in this thread alone.

I’m just gonna shut up for the rest of this game

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That was some sick moves by Hughes.     

And yea, Bills aren't gonna just stop passing, no way.   Even if Denver goes three and out, there's a ton of time left and Buffalo's just ok at best rushing it.   They'll keep their foot on the gas

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Diggs is the new Julio, tons of receptions, no TDs to speak of. Great I really need his 90 yards with no TDs in the semi's up against Waller and Gordon. And Gordon is outscoring him right now in non-ppr. What a joke.

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1 minute ago, TTo34 said:

Bills going for it on 4th down, up 35-13.  Taking a page from the Saints handbook.

Playing NE next week might blow them out by 50 if they can. 

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