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12/19/20 Bills @ Broncos Gameday Thread

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Well jinxed this pretty nicely f--- you Andre Roberts

I feel like this is the worst officiated game I've watched all year. 

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9 minutes ago, vthokie3 said:

Diggs never has those massive games due lack of TDs. Great game though just not one of those blowups 

exactly.  Any other WR in the league who does 147 yards pairs it with a TD or two.  Never Diggs except last week.  He's Julio 2.0 and it's maddening.  Good for those in PPR, but in non it's such a disappointment to see Gordon pretty much match his score doing barely anything except luckily fall into the EZ.

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2 minutes ago, GoPackGo23 said:

Please stop with the Gordon garbage time points! He might outscore my Diggs...this isn't right.

He was always gonna outscore Diggs bc Diggs doesn't score TDs. as i've been saying. What a joke. Up against Gordon and Waller, and Diggs has a great game completely neutralized by the Gordon garbage time TD.

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2 minutes ago, GoPackGo23 said:

I'm about to quit fantasy football. So you're telling me that his crappy Melvin Gordon play outscored Diggs with 11 catches and 140 yards? Yeah ok

Yup makes complete sense. I'm ready for this trainwreck of a season to be over tbh. My league sucks a** too lol. Idiots insist on non-ppr every year. This game is the proof of why that's so flawed.

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