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$50 Startup Dynasty, Live Online Auction Jan 3rd

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-20 teams, pay 2 years entry fee ($52 each) to begin**

**if you really don't want to pay but instead would play for fun still message me and we can talk

--Payouts will be very gradual from $200 to league winner down to $20 in 9th place and $80 to In Season Cup winner down to $20 for Cup 4th place finisher so as to inspire competition all season. Eventually we will have divisions based on past history for promotion/relegation bragging rights, which has worked amazingly well in other leagues I've run.

--H2H categories: G*, A*, SOG, Blocks, Takeaways, Hits, Corsi...doubleheaders at least each period. Each period is two weeks.

*these categories are worth 1.5 wins

--Slow Auction to begin, $250 fictional hard cap. Will take 2+ weeks easily but each day just takes a few minutes to put bids in and really sets the tone for a great league. Go for who you want at what price you want.

--Year 2 you can keep all your players from Year 1, just pay $3 more. So if you want to just keep Draisaitl after you spent $40 on him this year, in Year 2 you will have Draisaitl on your team for $43 and $207 to spend everywhere else to replace the other 24 players. Or you could keep 15 players who cost $10 each, now they all cost $13 so you come into the year with 15 players on your roster and $55 to spend on the remaining 10. This should ensure some turnover but also rewards those who make good deals and allows you to keep a core.

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