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Mostert, Wilson, or Neither?

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Here's my team (11-2, 1st place) for the 2nd round of the playoffs this week. Confident against this 7-6 opponent, but he's had 5 guys with games before Sunday to my 0, (including Josh Allen's massive game), so very much feeling the pressure playing from behind! 

Am I right to have Emannuel Sanders in here? What about Pittman? DeVante has a bad hamstring and too risky after playing one half last week and being limited in practice. Will be monitoring as SF's gametime nears to see any updates, but very difficult here. 

QB: Kyler Murray - Proj. 22.78
WR: Mike Evans - Proj. 12.23
WR: Michael Pittman - Proj. 9.12 
RB: Dalvin Cook - Proj. 19.15
RB: David Montgomery - Proj. 13.95
TE: Eric Ebron - Proj. 9.35
W/R/T: Raheem Mostert - Proj. 10.51
W/R/T: Emmanuel Sanders - Proj. 10.50

WR: DeVante Parker (Q) - Proj. 9.97 
WR: Julio Jones (O) - Proj. 0
RB: Jeff Wilson Jr. - Proj. 9.46
RB: Ty Johnson - Proj. 5.80
RB: Duke Johnson (O) - Proj. 0
TE: Hayden Hurst - Proj. 6.39



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