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Started Adams, now need a homerun...

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Ugh.  I started Adams and my opponent started Fant, so I went from a 9-point favorite to a 14-point underdog quickly.


Standard scoring:  My lineup as it stands now:

Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Henry, Taylor, Adams, McLaurin, Hilton, Conner (flex), Gronk, Rams DST.


Other potential options to sub in:  Jeff Wilson, JD McKissic, Latavius Murray, Sony Michel, Benny Snell, Brandin Cooks.


McLaurin has had a bad couple of weeks, but he got 39 targets in 4 weeks with Haskins at QB earlier this year, so I feel pretty safe rolling him out there.

Conner worries me - both from his recent production and his quad injury, and that he's a game-time decision for a Monday Night Game.  I can hold out until Monday to see if he plays and then start Snell if he doesn't, or I can sub in one of the other options above to be on the safe side. 

If Mostert had been ruled out, that would have made it an easy decision to go with Wilson.  But with Mostert playing, I'm not thrilled with any of the RB options.

I'm leaning toward starting Cooks, but I'm probably going to sub out that spot 3 or 4 times before the early games start.


Thoughts?  I need a homerun - stick with Conner, or plug in one of the other options, and if so, which one?


Thanks in advance.  WHIR (leave a link)

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I'd go with Jeff Wilson Jr.  Solid case for him getting significant goal line work today... and possibly heavier volume with Mostert playing with a high ankle sprain.  I would NOT start James Conner.  He's playing through injury and the Steelers o-line is really struggling right now.  Can't run the ball and play calling is basically ignoring the run game.  Conner could turn in a complete dud.



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