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Week 15 Jets at Rams Game Thread

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Trevor Lawrence.

Playoffs are like 95% luck

(7:42) C.Akers right guard for 18 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on LA-A.Corbett, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 14.


(4:53) C.Akers up the middle to NYJ 17 for 22 yards (A.Maulet). PENALTY on LA-T.Higbee, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 33.


I hate the internet.  I wouldn't have known this happened 20 years ago unless they were on in my region.  Just makes you sick.


And now McVay passing up the long FG.  I need OT with some Akers TD.

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2 minutes ago, noles1983 said:

I will hate you forever, Rams. Seriously, go rot in a field. 

For real. How can they continue to trot Goff out there year after year. On that 4th down play that lost the game, it looked like he threw the ball to the only player who wasn't open!

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