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Rate my 12 Team, 9 cat league. WHIR!

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Felt like I reached for a few people, was a very competitive draft but please let me know what you think!

Pick 8: Jokic 

Pick 17: Kawhi 

Pick 32: Ayton

Pick 41: Zach LaVine (May have been a reach)

Pick 56: Covington (Reach but wanted him for my build)

Pick 65: Capela (Regret this one a bit, panic picked due to the guys I wanted being taken)

Pick 80: Dejounte Murray

Pick 89: Mikal Bridges (Another reach but like his upside)

Pick 104: OG Anunoby 

Pick 113: Bertans

pick 128: Derrick White

Pick 137: Norm Powell

Pick 152: Seth Curry 

Overall not sure how to feel. I think I’ll be strong on FG, Boards, Blocks and Steals and I’ll be punting assists. Please let me know what you think and what moves I should make, thank you!

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Covington in the 5th if you really want him has to be taken in the 5th like you did. But you went on to draft murray, mikal, amd OG who are all studs in steals. Kind of overkill if you ask me bc you have kawhi who also gets stls. I wouldnt have invested in both mikal and OG, especially at mikal's price in your draft. Jokic, ayton, and capela are strong bigs for boards, but i would want at least one more rebounder. The bertans pick is a head scratcher too just bc your team doesnt have a lot of 3s and bertans is a sharp shooter more than a rebounder. This is definitely a punt assist team. I'm high on murray but his lack of assists and 3s and overkill in stls arent needed on your team. I'd look to trade him for 3pt shooter or another big to solidify your strengths in boards, blks and even help the percentages even more.

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Pts good here since you got 4 guys that score 20ppg or more. Curry and Murray will have a larger role 

Rebs good here on top of having elite bigs your Murray and OG and kawhj reb well for their position 

Ast glaring weakness as you don't have a high ast pg. Jokic will help but you need help in this area. 

3pm got this locked with lavinez Curry, bertrans, kawhi 

Stls kawhi, og, Murray, covington got this covered 

Blks not strong but competitive enough just not elite. Bertans and jokic don't blk shots

Ft% good here too. You may have to chose when to sit capella to guarantee this win

Fg% pretty efficient here 

TO is low is the result of having low ast guuys


Last notes: this team will suffer if kawhi sits in multiple cats. So it will dominate if he plays, struggles if he doesn't 



Thanks for the help 

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I agree that none of these are reaches. I haven't seen Lavine or Cappella go that late ever.


But Jokic is a terrible fit if you are punting assists- a lot of his value comes from there. Trade him- see if you can get Anthony Davis (not likely unless you throw in a decent player), Towns, or even Embiid or Tatum (you might be able to get a 2nd good player back for Tatum or Embiid).



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I really like your team. I think you drafted a great punt assist team. Are you trying to compete in points and 3s? I dont really see how Bertans fits your build and I think you can try to move Jokic before the season starts or if he gets on a hot start then maybe you should shop him. Hes obviously a great player but since you're punting assists, you might be able to get another blue chip player or two slightly lesser blue chips who are more suitable/valuable for your team. All in all though, great draft. 

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