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Need 3 replacement owners. 16 team dynasty league, H2H point on CBS

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Hi Folks

I am looking for 3 replacement owners for a 16 team dynasty points league that is in its 4th season. There is a $60.00 league fees handled through Leaguesafe, plus cost of CBS fees. Usually runs around $69.00 total per season. The 3 new owners will pick their own players/team from players from the original 3 teams. The teams were unbalanced, so this way the new owner gets to immediately put his/her own stamp on the team and is not stuck with a really bad team. When the 3 new owners are ready, we will email the list back and forth between the owners and select the players. I have done this in the past and it has worked out great and it took only a few days at most. Its a very competitive league with a different champion all 3 years. Lots of trades and a great group of people.  

When CBS site is ready for the 2021 season, our winter meeting start and i would like to have the new owners in place and ready to go. I will include the list of players and the league constitution below.  Any questions please let me know. 


Cheers Matt



There will be 16 teams in the Cooperstown Legends Dynasty League.

The player pool will consist of all AL and NL players (mixed league). All players are eligible only if available in the CBS database. However, players added in the MLB mid-season amateur draft or signed as international free agents at the mid-season MLB deadline are not eligible until the next year’s pre-season draft.

Each team will consist of 40 total players (20 active, 20 reserve) with 6 DL spots available.

All team rosters are set weekly and lock before the first game of the MLB week begins. However, if at any time it becomes possible through CBS to allow mid-week replacement of injured players, this change will be implemented without a vote.

The league will consist of 1 division. The teams with the top 6 records will make the Playoffs (with a total points tiebreaker, if necessary).

If there is ever a tie in a playoff match up, the commissioner will break the tie by overall points on the year first,
then overall record, then head-to-head record, then head to head points.

A team’s active roster will consist of the following:
 1 catcher
 1 first baseman
 1 second baseman
 1 third baseman
 1 shortstop
 4 outfielders
 1 middle infielder
 1 corner infielder
 1 utility players
 5 starting pitchers
 3 relief pitchers
A team’s reserve roster will consist of 20 players of any position and can be either major league or minor league players.

DL spots – There will be 6 DL spots for injured players. Only players who are officially DL-eligible
(i.e., listed as DL-eligible by CBS) can be placed in one of any team’s 6 DL spots.
DL spots do not count against the 40 total player limit. As soon as the DL player is activated off the MLB disabled list, he MUST be activated and inserted to the active or reserve roster. (or The Commish can release him after warnings)


2.1 The entry fee is $60.00 annually (100% payouts), plus a pro-rated amount per team of the league fees charged by CBS.
This year, this comes out to $69.40 per team approx.

2.2 All teams will be contacted in December of each year to see if returning. Fees will be due in early Feb each season.
Dates TBD yearly. The pre-season trading period begins in early January, with the precise date TBD.
Teams that have paid their dues for the year are able to make trades with other teams that have also paid their dues.

2.3 All league fees will be collected by Leaguesafe.com
The commissioner will send out a reminder email before the due date each season.

2.4 Payouts will be submitted to Leaguesafe.com no later than 2 weeks following the end of the regular season and will be as follows:

960.00 total Pot
World Series Winner = $330.00
World Series runner-up (2nd overall) = $240.00
Consolation game winner (3rd overall = $120.00
Consolation game loser (4th overall) = $60.00
Runner Up (5th overall) = $30.00
Runner Up (6th overall) = $30.00

Top regular season record (with a points tiebreaker if necessary) = $100.00
Most Points Scored Regular Season Pitcher MVP = $25.00
Most Points Scored Regular Season Batter MVP = $25.00


3.1 The scoring format for the league is Head-to-Head Points style.
To view individual scoring stats, see league scoring in rules on website.

3.2Teams are in Head to Head match-ups each week. The team with the highest total score for the week is the winner. In the regular
season, a tie will remain a tie. In the playoffs, a tie will be broken with the team that had the higher point totals for the season winning.


The draft for the opening season will be done in two parts. The first will be an auction draft to draft the first 20 players of the team.
After the auction draft, we will have a slow snake draft to draft the remaining 20 players. The draft order will be generated by CBS.
I have to make sure this can be done on CBS first. If I can't do two drafts we will have to come up with something else.

4.There will be a non-serpentine draft during the month March each year. Each team will have to cut down to 30 players before the draft.
This draft will include all players within the CBS database who have not been kept by their respective teams,
as well as the previous year’s amateur draftees and international free agents signed after the previous year’s league draft.
The draft will be a “slow” draft occurring on CBS.
This draft will be NON-SERPENTINE STYLE, going in reverse order of the previous year’s finish in EACH ROUND.
In other words, the team with the worst record last year will pick first in every round and the team
that won last year will pick last in every round.

4.2 All rosters must be completely filled to the maximum amount of 40 players after the draft. If you do not have enough draft picks to fill your roster, you will have to wait until the waiver wire opens and fill your team with players from the wire.

4.3 In case of a tie in the year end standings for draft position the following season, the following tie breaker will be used.
The two teams tied H2H record against each other will decide position. (Loser drafts ahead of winner).

4.4 Each team will have 8 hours to select a player (this may be adjusted as the draft moves along, depending on time constraints).


All teams will participate in the yearly draft, and must cut down to 30 players prior to the draft
(with the exact date to be determined by the commissioner).
This means that each team must cut between 10-16 players (depending on whether any DL spots are filled).


6.1Free agents are acquired via waiver using reverse standings.

6.2 There will be no “off-season” Free agent acquisitions. This also means none prior to the draft.

7.1 Position players are eligible at any position that they played at least 20 games at in the previous season or 10
games in the current season. Starting pitcher eligibility requires 5 games the previous season or 5 games in the current season,
and relief pitchers are 10 games the previous season or 10 games in the current season.
In other words, if a player entered at least 10 games as a reliever last season,
he will be eligible as a reliever regardless of whether he appears as a reliever in any games the following year.
Starting pitchers with relief pitcher eligibility from the previous season will remain relief pitcher eligible the following season.

7.2 All position eligibility is completely determined by the CBS league site.


8.1Trading begins each season in early January, with the precise date TBD. The time between January and the draft in March is considered the “Winter Meeting”.
Only teams that have already paid their league fees for the coming season are eligible to make trades or participate in the “Winter Meetings”.
Teams may not make any trades until they have paid their league fees for the coming season. Any rule changes will be discussed/voted on during the Winter Meetings.

8.2 Trades will be approved by the commissioner as soon as possible after the trade is made, unless the trade appears to be obviously collusive. This obviously involves a judgment call by the commissioner. Put simply, a trade that simply seems somewhat lopsided will not be rejected. But a trade that is obviously
not intended to make one of the teams better (for example, if the last place team trades Bryce Harper to the first place team in exchange for a middle reliever) that trade is likely to be rejected.
The expectation is that if everyone is playing to win — whether this year or in future years — the commissioner will never need to invoke this rule. If there is a very lopsided trade that doesn’t look right,
the commissioner will ask for justification from the trading parties. From there a decision will be made to consult a “trade council” of 3-5 other owners regarding the trade and either accept, reject or adjust the trade.

8.3 The trade deadline is determined each season and can be seen in league setup.

8.4 After the end of the season, trading is suspended until after league dues are paid for the upcoming season.
Trading remains suspended until early January when the "Winter Meeting" begin, with the precise date TBD, BUT all season dues must be paid by all owners involved in a trade for the next season.

8.5 Trading of draft picks is available during the Winter Meetings each year in January after the owner has paid their dues for the upcoming season. You may enter the draft with more or less than 10 draft picks and this is fine. If you enter with 7 draft picks, you still have to cut down to 30 players, draft 7 new players and when the waiver wire opens, you will fill out your team. If you have 13 picks, you still have to cut to 30 players, draft 13 and have to cut back down to 40 players for the first week of the season to have a legal lineup.


9.1 Lineups may be set weekly. You must set your lineup 5 minutes prior to the first game(s) on
Monday and they are set for the whole week. Lineups can be changed on Monday as long as the game your
player is in has not started. As mentioned above, if at any time CBS makes it possible to replace players on the
DL after lineups have locked, that setting will be implemented immediately without a league vote.

Please contact me no more than 30 minutes after the start of the game if you notice an error.
I will try and help best I can but it is your responsibility to set your lineup.

You must set a lineup that has 20 active MLB players! You have to field an active line-up each week or your line-up will be deemed invalid and you
will forfeit the weekly match-up. This rule is to help keep a competitive balance to the league. You must have at least 20 active, uninjured players to
field a starting line-up each week. If you will be away or will be unable to fix your line-up for the week please contact me. If a teams line-ups are not set,
I will send an email to inquire why. If it continues to happen after several weeks, you may be removed from the league and your fees will not be reimbursed.


10.1 In the event of an unforeseen omission in the rules, the commissioner will make a final decision with the best interest of the league as the determining factor.

Changes can be made to the constitution at any time. When a significant change is proposed, it may be deferred for a year (or more) to allow teams to come into compliance (eg: should it have significant effects on roster size). Such timetables will be announced by the commissioner. Major changes will be voted upon by the league, with the majority required to be determined by the commissioner on a case by case basis.

Minor changes, clarifications or rulings on disputes may be made from time to time by the commissioner. Whenever these are made, they will be communicated to GMs as quickly as possible, with full reasons given for any decision, and the constitution updated accordingly.

All owners will provide an email address to the league.

Lastly, if, at any time, a manager becomes so detrimental to the league that the commissioner and co-commissioner(s) deem him to be taking away from the overall league, we reserve the right to delete that manager from the league regardless of whether they have paid for the league that year or not. There will be no refunds if that does happen.

All decisions made by the commissioner are final.

2021 cooperstown selection list.ods

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