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1 Replacement Owner Needed for ESPN Roto League

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We are looking for a replacement owner for an ESPN Roto League, in its 7th year; that drafted yesterday.


It is a Keeper League with a unique keeper system:
You can keep up to 3 players, which are optional; and can keep a player up to 2 times only.
You own the player in the round he was drafted and he keeps that round value even if traded.
If you pick up an un-drafted player you can keep him as a last (13th round) draft pick.

This sets up interesting trades when an owner has kept a player 2 times and has to either trade him or lose him for the next season.
Superstars can be owned in very late rounds and several are.
This team has Siakam owned in Round 13, Brandon Ingram in Round 12 and Devin Booker in Round 4 (these were the keepers)

I can give you more extensive details if you wish.
Due to how ESPN handles Keepers, we do the draft in Yahoo but play the season in ESPN.
We ONLY use Yahoo for the draft so keepers can be slotted by round and not at the top of the draft as ESPN requires.

The team is good. Very good. It is currently called "Open Team"
Among the players (with round values, meaning the ones you keep you own them in the round indicated)
Devin Booker-4th
Bradley Beal-2nd
Brandon Ingram-12th
Pascal Siakam-13th
Joel Embid-1st

Here is a link to the team:

Here is a link to the league settings:

E-mail me for the invite and with any questions.

All that we ask is that you stay active.




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