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Blake Griffin 2020-2021 Outlook

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For those who took the bait, just gotta strap in and hope for the best boys.   

whichever team signs him is gonna be wildly surprised when they find out he's completely shot lol

I hope not Regards, Nicolas Claxton owner. 

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He was cut after the draft in our points league. I would have loved to grabbed him. But my waiver wire pos was too high to get him.

I would think Detroit would try and trade him if they are in rebuild mode. Particularly if Blake plays well early in the year and looks like he has recovered from his injury.

Griffin could be a nice addition for a contender. He is 31 years old and has a big contract. So putting a deal together will take some work. 


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He's never had great rebounding stats because he's played beside DeAndre Jordan and Drummond who were both probably top 3 rebounders in the league for the past 6-7 years. Even so, he still averaged 25/8/5 in the 2018-19 season. Where he's being drafted, whatever he'll provide is enough, which will likely be around 20/7/4. Only reason for him being drafted so low is his injury concern of course.

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:03 PM, xSouthWESTx said:

I got him super super late so it is a very small risk. 20 and 10 guy when healthy. He claims he is healthy this year. Seems like a lot of people forgot about him. 


That 20 & 10 looking more like 15 & 5 with bad %s like last year.



Anyways, is #18 pick Isaiah Stewart a poor man's Time Lord Robert Williams? Doesn't have the ridiculous block rate but he does get his share and he shot 6+ FTs at 77% as a freshman at Washington so he doesn't hurt you if he gets hacked. However, he gets 17 min so far as a rookie, the same time Williams gets as a third year player.

(Williams avg'd 2.6 blks/26 min in college, Stewart 2.0 in 32min)


Bucks are 16pt favorites tonight. Highest this season? I'm trying out Isaiah Stewart in my 16-team league tonight.


A lot of my teams are off to slow starts in FG% due to guys like Oubre & Bogdanovic, trying to help the fix with spot starts to guys like Javale & this late first rounder Stewart.

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Im really close to dropping this bum also in a 12 team league. He look like my grandpa playing out there. It seems to me like he wants to stay on the bench instead of playing and the offense does not flow through him a lot anymore. I don't know if he's fully healthy but its getting frustrating keeping this guy.

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It's really sad to watch Blake play. He used to be so strong, athletic and explosive, and is pretty much just a walking corpse out there now. I honestly feel like the injuries were a bit too much. He looks done for.

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2 hours ago, Jugernot said:

I can’t believe my team is going to have to pay this guy $38 million next season. There is almost a 0 percent chance he opts out lol

I was shocked that Detroit traded for him with his contract and injury history.  He's not what Detroit needed.  They needed guards and wings who could open the key up for Drummond.

This guy's legs are done. He depended a lot on his athleticism. I have stayed far away from him for many years. 

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