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12/21/20 Steelers/Bengals Gameday Thread

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1 minute ago, kdko said:


You should care what the offense is doing.  These big guys are going to be ******** gassed before half time if the offense can't do anything.

Still not an excuse for this pop Warner defense against the worst starting QB in the NFL right now. 

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Just now, Jordan23 said:

Standing next to a player for 3 seconds with your arms crossed is a penalty? What is wrong with the refs 

steelers get away with that garbage all the time

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are literally the worst offense in the NFL. They can't run, they can't throw deep, and if you guard their receivers at the line of scrimmage, they can't move the ball at all. It's amazing they have gotten so many wins so far, but they will be one and done in the playoffs

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It’s crazy but I think I’ve become used to no crowd noise. It’s like they are mixing in artificial sound with the noise from the crowd.  It’s annoying af. Let me hear the QB lol.

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Is there any explanation (aside from the Benglas are retarded) as to why Bernard is back to "workhorse" role?  He fumbled once in the last 7 years, and they pull him.  Then his backup butt fumbles for a TD.  Then the 3rd stringer got run and we didn't see Bernard back until the 4th.  Now he is the focal point of the offense?  I can't believe this crap.

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