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Should I trade Nurkic for Derozan and Dejounte Murray?

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I already have Center depth and need another SF. Will have 3 Spurs players cuz I have Aldridge too.

H2H Points Scoring:

  1. Points Scored = 1 point each

  2. Total Rebounds = 1.2 points each

  3. Assists = 1.5 points each

  4. Steals = 3 points each

  5. Blocked Shots = 3 points each

  6. Turnovers = -1 points each

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32 minutes ago, Moose1991 said:

I would need to see your team. Because Jokic is a big piece. Is it possible to see your roster?


Ended up doing Jurkic + Bledsoe for DeRozan + Murray.

Current Roster is:

G: Kyrie, Fox, Smart, Murray, White (IR), Kawhi, DeRozan, Payton

F: Davis, Aldridge, Turner, Cousins

Centers: Vucevic, Capela.

I'm thinking of doing a DeRozan + Turner + Payton for Lavine + Ingram though.

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I don’t like that trade. Nurk imo has potential of 2nd round upside if healthy. DD imo is declining and will be tough to stay in the top 50s and though I like Murrays upside I also think at most he’ll be around the 40-50 range. You also threw in Bledsoe who I think will be a top 75-100 play. If Murray really explodes this may be decent but as of now I don’t like it too much. Help me with mine?


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