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12 Man H2H League - 9 Cats
I had pick 11.

FAs - House Jr, Avdija, Kennard, Horton-Tucker, Crowder, Trent Jr, Nance Jr, Miles Bridges, K Huerter, Garland, Hailburton, Favors, Burks, Troy Brown Jr, Doumbouya, Beverley, Cole Anothony.


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Great Team, well balanced. I would maybe shop TJ Warren due to the planter injury that might come back to haunt him throughout the year, and with oladipo back might cut into his minutes. Sell high on TJ now. 


Please check out my squad - 


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4 hours ago, Lob City99 said:


Update - dropped Nunn for Nance Jr.

Should I also drop Payton for Garland or Keldon Johnson?

Drop for Johnson. I’m not going crazy over Johnson considering it’s Pop and the Spurs, but it’s worth the gamble considering Payton is droppable and I believe Quickley will get the starting gig at some point. You have some heavy FG% killers. Have you considering punting FG%? Moving someone like Bryant and trying to get a big like BroLo (or package and try to get KP) would be great moves for this team if you punt FG%

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