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Bojan Bogdanovic 2020-2021 Outlook

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Well.. In my case, I dropped em. Someone picked em up and dropped again. Then I got em back..I guess I'll just pretend I held him this whole time 🙊

Seeing 2 steals on the stat sheet:

Great source of 3's and points late in the draft. I expect more of the same from Bojan - 20/4/2 with elite 3's and ft%. Would love it though if he got his steals up a bit like in Indiana but really, c

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1 hour ago, DezedandConfused said:

Mitchell is out with concussion protocol, 19 shots have opened up for tonight's game. 

Great, guess that means Bojans going 7-21 shooting tonight.

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4 hours ago, LukasPass said:

He spent the entire off-season with recovery phase. His inability to find his touch should be understood. I think he will recover soon.

Yea hopefully soon, we have seen glimpses this season. Either way the minutes and shots are there, he just needs to revert back to his career % averages. 

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3 hours ago, csklmf said:

Not gonna drop him. I dropped Norman Powell and he went 20+ pts a night. I dropped Jordan Clarkson as streamer then he went bananas with hot hand. f---! 

I feel your pain. I dropped Norman from all 4 of my teams. I'm actually not that mad because all my teams are deep at guard, but still he would've been solid trade bait.

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Drop Norm too after targeting him in all my drafts.  Cut bait and still think he sucks when the team is fully healthy and he goes back to being an afterthought. No regrets

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(Heavy breathing) Snipe snipe muthaf***er 


Mitchell you could be in next Spider-Man or black panther movie you won’t be missed bye 

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