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Buddy for Gordon? WHIR

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Team in sig. Basically I'm trying to win points, 3s, assists, steals, and FT%. But I drafted so many guards that i can't set a full lineup some days if even one of my PF/C isn't playing, so i think i need to trade a G for a F. Would Buddy Hield for Aaron Gordon make sense? 

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I would be getting worse at FT% and 3's, and probably just about breaking even at assists steals and points. But I would be able to start gordon a lot more often than hield, we've only got 1 true utility spot a lot of our spots are G/F, F/C, PF/C type positions so i kinda need more PFs and Cs

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You are giving up significant value.  Over the course of a year, that's over 200 3s and 400 points.  In addition to the obvious loss, Gordon shoots 70% from the line compared to Hield's excellent 85%.  That will knock you down a few pegs in that cat.  The gain in blocks and rebounds, and even a few assists wont make up for this.  You are absolutely right about making a trade to get better position balance. My pet peeve is having an open roster slot with a healthy player on the bench.  Sometimes when you are drafting, you don't always take the better player when you need a position to fill, but at least the value is close.  Keep offering trades but don't get clobbered in value.

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