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J.J. Redick 2020-2021 Outlook

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Didn't see a thread about him so figured I'd start one to get some opinions.  Any thoughts on this guy for the 2020-2021 season?  More of the same or do you think he'll put up better numbers with the potential for more minutes as the starting SG (assuming he is the starter)?  

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I think he'll be reliable for at least the same output as last season. But I do have 3 additional thoughts on him:

1. On a team that is desperate and devoid of shooting talent, he is their best shooter, by a long shot. Hes such a vet and knows how to stay on the floor regardless of his deficiencies. And as long as he gets enough minutes, hes producing. 

2. Hes reunited with SVG, his coach in Orlando. SVG loves running and gunning with a dominant big man surrounded by snipers. SVG knows exactly how to optimize Redick. 

3. He is a god when it comes to playing a 2 man game with his bigs and he has 2 of the best screeners in Steven Adams and Zion. Even playing P&R with Ingram sounds so fun. Im just giddy thinking of all the times he'll be sprung open or all of the passes he'll drop off for easy dunks


EOD, Father Time is indeed undefeated. This is my only issue with his as he is starting to get a little long in the tooth. But his game isnt predicated on leaping and speed so Im fully confident in his output this year.   

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