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Nicolas Batum 2020-2021 Outlook

HAK Devil

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11 minutes ago, kilslo said:

Batum just does a great job exposing defensive gaps spawned by playing alongside PG and Kawhi that I actually hate when one of them has to sit

I could see at least a top 75 finish if he continues to stay in the starting lineup and if his minutes hover around the 26+ range. With Morris being cool coming off the bench my worry now is that Lue moves Batum into the second unit bc they direction, stability and IQ in that group 



Wow ultimate team move by Marcus Morris. I salute him, not like he's a scrub either.

But definitely Batum is much more dangerous both IRL and fantasy, playing with the starters. 

Lou Will + RJax can run point for the 2nd unit. 

While I don't expect him to continue at his current pace which is right around Top50 . Totally agree with you on that 75 finish. 

Such a nice fit with the Clippers, I would have never guessed a year like this from Batum. 

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2 hours ago, hoopking said:

Anyone still holding? last 4 games were meh and im just holding for his st3cks really. 9-cat 14teamer

I still have him rostered but barely. He’s probably just holding the seat till Nurk and/or JJJ come off IL at this point. Not a good thing when the glue stops sticking on your glue guy. 

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