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2020-2021 Vent & Rant Thread

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literally neck n neck in fg% with my opponent during this whole week (both over 50%) and after 10/15 half from lavine, f***in malik n jakob start 0/7

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*SGA goes down* *picks up Jerome over Maledon due to the analytical advantage* *Maledon has best game of career* *swaps Jerome for Maledon* *Jerome has a stronger game and Maledon'

You know you suck at this when you already have 15 players played vs. Their 7 and they beating you 8-1.    Free money here yall. Get your invitations ready for next season. 

wtf is this garbage? Does Silver even exist?     

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"This offer is pathetic.  while it's nice that cp3 is shooting 97% from FT, he ONLY SHOOTs 3 a game. That has a negligible impact."

ha. except that cp3 at 3 attempts holds more ft value than jimmy butler at 7.8 attempts. now ik why i havent made a single trade all year.

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1 hour ago, KingDURANTULA said:

why hasnt morant scored over 20 since his return after droppin 44 his first game


Returned too early from the ankle injury and hasn't been the same 

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yahoo vetoed grant and wiggins 4 harden weeks ago right before harden got traded

yahoo vetoed it again today grant wiggins and schroder 4 harden and c white


makes no sense as grants been top 25 player all year and hes punting ft% even with harden. (im sure yahoo is smart enough to see that. not).

yahoo is pretty stupid for vetoing this and you cant even get a reason for the veto or a chance to defend the trade. last  time i will do a pro league. they have vetoed fair offers for years in baseball and basketball.

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12 minutes ago, justaguy said:

Was in a dead heat for assists and streamed Pritchard right after his outburst against the Raptors 


Quite possibly the worst two game stream I've ever done 

Right there with ya

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Lost this week 4-5 and lost rebounds by only 9 rebounds. AD this week:

8th - Out, strained vagina

10th - Out, homoerotic locker room massage break

12th - 9 Rebounds

14th - 4(!!!) Rebounds

Meanwhile Jokic accumulated 47 rebounds over the week. So sick of this complete lack of effort by some of the major stars during the regular season.

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7 minutes ago, Dark Kn19ht said:

Is anyone major out for Brooklyn tonight? I haven't been following very closely, but Durant is "day-to-day" on the espn gamecast. 

Durant is out a mimimum of next two days

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I don't own any of the held out Pistons, but how is this **** allowed?  The trade deadline is over a month away.

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