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Last Call! 8-Cat Roto, Fantrax, Weekly, $100

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Hello All,

I'd like to get one more draft in and i'm guessing there are some others out there who feel the same. 

As of today (Dec 22), Yahoo will automatically start scoring for any league drafting today on Dec 28th, losing a week. Meh. 

Fantrax on the other hand will retroactively apply the stats of players drafted even if the draft is happening after the season start. 

As such, i'm putting together a 10 or 12 (depending how many we can get) team on Fantrax. 8 Cat Roto, Weekly lineups, very deep teams and benches, no trades or waiver wire. 

Given how many other leagues i have, the aim is to create a fun league that doesnt need a lot of maintenance, somewhere between a normal league and best ball. Similar to NFC leagues for thsoe who have played them. 

Buy in is $100 and we will start the draft as soon as we enough players. We will use 10 minute pick windows to give a bit of a slow draft feel. Draft might take a day or two, but it shouldnt matter since Fantrax will retroactively award player stats. 

Please pay on Fantrax treasurer to reserve your spot, or hit me with questions!

The league is here!

Type: 8 Cat Roto
Site: Fantrax
Size: 10-12
Dues: $100  (prizes TBD depending on league size)
Lineups: Weekly
Draft: As soon as league fills, online with 10 minute pick window (stats will be awarded retroactive to start of season since we will be drafting for the first day or two). 

Guard: 6
Forward: 6
Center: 4
Flex: 4
Bench: 8

Currently we are a 5, need 5-7 more to get drafting.

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Hey Evan,

Yeah sounds a little odd compared to standard leaugues but its actually pretty tested in that its very similar to the setup at NFKBC where they do competitive cash roto leagues. Thats actually where i got most of the setup from cause ive drafted several teams on their site this year. I have two leagues with daily roster changes and with a young kid and work i cant keep up with that anymore! So its nice having a deep team that you update weekly and you can kinda just watch things unfold. Only real difference between this and NFKBC is the teams are a little deeper rather than having more guys on the bench, and its $50 cheaper. 

As far as the draft goes, we can definitely pause it overnight. My guess is with the ten minute pick window it will actually go decently quickly and be done in a day, two at most. The nice thing with that style is you dont have to have a couple hours cleared to focus singularly on the draft, you can monitor it casually while going about your day. Fantrax sends an email or alert to you when your pick is approaching in case you forget. 

Should be fun...love to have you if your interested!

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i'd be interested in a roto league draft only. but the retroactive is too complex to factor into drafting for me. Why not just do yahoo, set game limits to like 60 games per starting slot (as opposed to 70) and then that's that? Just play forward, and with 60 limit everyone just has to pick some games for the stars to miss (with rest and covid that shouldn't be hard) and it will just naturally even out which nba players had one game this week and which had three and which might miss a few more than others with covid cancellations. Like the spirit though, and i did a few NFC draft only leagues this year too. 2nd year doing those, they are a fun style especially with more home obligations and less time.

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Curious, why the retroactive part is complex? All it means is thats stats already accrued for players we drafted get applied and we dont lose that first week. I guess it very marginally might alter people's draft choices, but probably not to any significant degree. Open to shifting it but dont really see any disadvantage to it the way its set up now. Would love it if you wanted to join! 

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