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Championship Starting Lineup? - 100% WHIR

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I have some interesting bench options to pick from as things clear up on the injury front for my usual starters -- see those in bold below for who I'm specifically looking at (and give me any other suggestions if you have them)!

QB: Kyler Murray - Proj. 24.68
WR: Mike Evans - Proj. 12.39
WR: Julio Jones - Proj. 13.17 - Questionable, I have Gage on my bench if he sits. Even if he does start, is he too risky here?
RB: Dalvin Cook - Proj. 18.37
RB: David Montgomery - Proj. 15.91
TE: Cole Kmet - Proj. 7.23 - Potential high-ish reward. On the flip side, if Julio is out again, does that elevate Hurst to this spot instead?
W/R/T: Jeff Wilson - Proj. 11.27
W/R/T: Emmanuel Sanders - Proj. 10.99 -  Has upside with Thomas on IR - or is Gage, Meyers, or Michel a better play? DeVante is risky with his hamstring.

WR: DeVante Parker - Proj. 10.84
WR: Russell Gage - Proj. 8.97

WR: Jakobi Meyers - Proj. 9.15
TE: Hayden Hurst - Proj. 6.60
TE: Tyler Eifert - Proj. 5.73 

RB: Sony Michel - Proj. 4.07

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8 minutes ago, TheGhost206 said:

I would go with your posted starters. If Julio sits then I would go with Parker over Gage. Just seems less risky to me. 

Thanks! Def depends when we find out about Julio's status. If it's gameday (Sunday), I might have to run with Gage instead since Parker plays Saturday. 

Wondering if we find out Parker is full-go on Saturday (which scares me a bit) and Julio is still questionable, I just throw Parker in to replace Julio and remove any reward/risk that I would have gotten from Julio / replacing him with Gage at the last minute if Julio sits out.

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