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WCJ for Patrick Williams?

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I know it's very early in the season but I've held WCJ through all the injuries and duds last season. He had a terrible pre-season and his opening night game wasn't great either. I could cut him some slack because the whole team played like trash but there's guys like Shake, Patrick Williams, Will Barton, Okoro in my waiver. Would you guys cut bait to avoid the headache for the whole season? I'm not really in need of a center because I have 4 others on my roster with one of them being Lauri on the same team. Thanks

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Just now, kendanc said:

Is Josh Jackson or Darius Garland available? I dropped WCJ for Garland today but those were the two guys I was considering.

I just picked up Darius Garland earlier. I'm not too high on Josh Jackson because of his track record but I'll keep an eye on him due to poor %s. I don't think he's 10 team worthy yet. I'm way higher on Patrick Williams though.

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lol, just one game.  Hold on there and let WCJ play a little bit.  

To be fair, I'm not crazy high on him, but the Bulls have invested a bit into him, and he's pretty much their only C (if you've ever watched a Bulls game, Lauri at the 5 is just ugly).  

However, if you've got anyone else to drop, I'd probably try to get Patrick Williams on my roster.

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