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Minny @ NO Saints Christmas Gameday Thread

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For those who went against Kamara myself included. 

Late to this but Merry Christmas to all of you guys  

Just now, ajs723 said:

The Boone TD is the easiest one to swallow. Three passing TDs from inside the 5 is brutal. 

But why was Boone out there and not Ccok? It's not like Cook just had a 50 yard run and needed a rest or got shaken up on the play before.  

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1 hour ago, JDE said:

Damn starting Kamara in one league finals but playing against him in two others..

I guess I should be grateful to have him in the one but f--- dude slow it down man


1 hour ago, Sternes said:



I mean, he did.  He was on pace for 320 yards and 8 TD at the end of the first.  Now he is just on pace for 200 yards and 6 TD.




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Just now, owenmills said:

Brees got to 300 thx to this super bad Minny D. At least half of that had to be YAC because they can’t tackle. Not a great fantasy game but not a crusher either 


Did you get more than 6 points from that..?

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5 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

Huh ....ok bud 

You the guy who tried to tell us how Derrick Henry is touchdown dependent when he was second in the league in yards at the time? Okay bud

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